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My question for you this week is:

How do you deal with recurring negative thoughts?

How do you get beyond that feeling like you are drowning in a sea of negativity and worry?

The human mind is often described as a container filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, and carrying on endlessly.

And most of the time, it isn't anything useful — and usually negative.

Let's face it, it seems like we came out of the womb trying not to think about bad things — and since then, it's been a full-time job.

While there is no magic elixir for stopping the mind, the only way to deal with negative thinking is to create space between you and your thoughts. This won’t eradicate negative thinking, but it is the path to wisdom.

In today's essay, I share three ways to utilize this approach of “creating space” that can help you overcome negative thinking and maybe even lead you to greater insight.

Have a great couple of weeks and let me know how you deal with negative thoughts.

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Fragments of Consciousness
Jiddu Krishnamurti

When you become aware of your conditioning you will understand the whole of your consciousness. Consciousness is the total field in which thought functions and relationships exist. All motives, intentions, desires, pleasures, fear, inspiration, longings, hopes, sorrows, joys are in that field. But we have come to divide the consciousness into the active and the dormant, the upper and lower level — that is, all the daily thoughts, feelings and activities on the surface and below them, the so-called subconscious, the things with which we are not familiar, which express themselves occasionally through certain intimations, intuitions and dreams.

We are occupied with one little corner of consciousness which is most of our life... So is it possible to be totally aware of the whole field of consciousness and not merely a part, a fragment, of it?

We live in fragments. You are one thing at the office, another at home; you talk about democracy and in your heart you are autocratic; you talk about loving your neighbours, yet kill him with competition; there is one part of you working, looking, independently of the other. Are you aware of this fragmentary existence in yourself? And is it possible for a brain that has broken up its own functioning, its own thinking, into fragments - is it possible for such a brain to be aware of the whole field? Is it possible to look at the whole of consciousness completely, totally, which means to be a total human being?

Source: "Freedom from the Known"

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Rejection is Ugly
Elyane Youssef

It’s painful, messy, and unpredictable. It’s everything we don’t want to face.

It’s difficult to accept it or even believe that someone wants nothing to do with us. Whether we get rejected socially or romantically, the sting of rejection hurts badly. It leaves a mark on our hearts, possibly triggering past hurt and traumas.

But rejection goes deeper than irritating feelings. Our unwillingness to accept rejection is an ego issue. Our ego is always attached to certain outcomes; if we don’t get them, it instantly becomes aggressive. We become fragile and revert to aggression… which only creates more suffering.

Rejection is so ugly that it clearly steers us away from our most fundamental qualities: forgiveness, goodness, and wisdom. When our self-worth and self-confidence take a hit, it becomes difficult to get in touch with the infinite goodness within us. It even becomes challenging to look ahead.

When our mind is clouded by annoyance and hurt, it’s difficult to see that rejection might be helpful. It’s a direct doorway to wisdom and liberty. It’s an opening — a celebration of some kind.

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Reality is Only Real Because You Are Dreaming It So!
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are dreamers and those who are being dreamed.

The Earthkeepers believe that the world is real, but only because we’ve dreamed it into being. The challenge of dreaming our world into being is that it requires courage. When we lack courage, we have to settle for the world that’s being created for us by our culture or by our genes. We feel we have to settle for the nightmare. To dream courageously, we must be willing to use our hearts.

With courageous dreaming, you discover that your problems are no longer overwhelming you or defining your life. While the difficulties you face feel very real, you always have the choice to create a heroic account about your relationship to them instead of a disempowering saga of suffering. You’ll recognize that you can stop being a victim, trying to fix the world all on your own, or feeling vindictive toward those who harmed you. You’ll see that your life is exactly as it should be right now, and you’ll be able to let go of all the stories that keep you feeling trapped and unhappy and venting in your therapist’s office. You’ll begin to practice dreaming the world into being, and everything will change.

Source: "Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being"

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Parting words:

On the theme of "creating space," here's some food for thought:

We often forget to create space.
Space is like a newly fertilized field meeting the sun for the first time.
And without it… we react.
We never learn.
We drown in a sea of worries.
We identify with all that is not real.
There’s nothing fancy to creating space in life.
It always comes down to the tried-and-true qualities of living an awakened life:
Clear Intention.
Child-like curiosity.
Sincerity and willingness.
When we make space, our intrinsic nature takes over. We investigate, we understand, and we allow ourselves to just be with whatever arises in life.
When we make space, in this way, we make space so that insight and wisdom can sprout, blossom, and flourish — and become the sweet perfume that infuses our every step.

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With gratitude. ✌🏼

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