A new year... a new Newsletter?

Happy New Year Conscious Creators!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are feeling curious about what this human experience will delight you with in 2024.

Over the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about the future state of this newsletter, and what type of content and format will be most beneficial and inspiring to you.

After a ton of reflecting and soul-searching, I realized that the point of this newsletter is not just to share wisdom and inspiring quotes. Instead, its purpose is to help others realize that they are indeed conscious creators of their reality.

It's about self-empowerment!

The intention of “You Are A Conscious Creator” as a newsletter and publication, is to share actionable content:

Resources, tools, practices, modalities, and mindsets to solve any personal problem, manifest what your heart desires, connect with your higher self, and ultimately, create a life of meaning, purpose, and one that you absolutely love.

This is essentially the crux of the idea of “bending reality” and why I am so fascinated (and borderline obsessed) with this topic.

It has become a part of my life’s work—to explore the very nature of our humanity, to break free from conditioned norms and beliefs about life and how we are supposed to be as both individuals and collectively—and tap into the very root of our nature to create the reality we desire, and ultimately eradicate our own suffering.

In a nutshell, this has always been the purpose of this newsletter. (I guess I just didn't know it consciously all this time.)

So with this newly founded clarity, going forward, my focus is going to be specifically on “bending reality” to help you consciously create your life. This will be done by sharing tools and resources on using the below topics to overcome any challenge you may be facing and improve your overall life experience.

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Manifesting
  • Accessing intuition
  • Creative visualization
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Reprogramming the subconscious
  • Daily habits and practices for well-being
  • Self-Healing (physically and emotionally)
  • Accessing altered states of consciousness
  • Training yourself to be confident, loving, etc.

And don't worry, if you were a fan of the previous format, I'm still going to feature curated wisdom and insights from others. I still haven't figured out an exact format, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Please hit reply and let me know what you think.

I hope you stick around for this next chapter. Either way, much appreciated for having me in your inbox.

// Thought Experiment 🧠

What If This Is As Good As It Gets For You?

As you go about setting intentions to make improvements to your life in the upcoming year, here’s an insightful thought experiment to consider.

What if the way you are right now is as good as it gets?

Scary thought or freedom?

Think about it. Does that frighten or liberate you? Ask it again and see how your body reacts.

Now, if you sincerely answered this, the only thing left to ask yourself is:

How would the way I spend my time change?

// A tip to Bend Your Reality!

Break Your Upper Limit

Unconsciously, we all carry an upper limit, a self-imposed boundary that can impede our efforts. This upper limit stems from our own beliefs and perceptions about what we deserve or can achieve. To manifest something we truly desire and extraordinary, we must show our subconscious minds what lies beyond this limit.

We must dig deep and get our subconscious to believe something new about ourselves.

It requires doing the inner work, shattering the glass ceiling we’ve constructed around ourselves, and daring to reach for more.

“It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossum.” — Anaïs Nin

Source: Focus On These 4 Simple Manifesting Principles And Forget Everything Else

// A shot of higher consciousness! 🌪️

Art As A Gateway To Love
Alain de Botton

The true aspiration of art should be to reduce the need for it. It is not that we should one day lose our devotion to the things that art addresses: beauty, depth of meaning, good relationships, the appreciation of nature, recognition of the shortness of life, empathy, compassion, and so on. Rather, having imbibed the ideals that art displays, we should fight to attain in reality the things art merely symbolises, however graciously and intently. The ultimate goal of the art lover should be to build a world where works of art have become a little less necessary

...To define a mission for art, then, one of its tasks is to teach us to be good lovers: lovers of rivers and lovers of skies, lovers of motorways and lovers of stones. And – very importantly – somewhere along the way, lovers of people.”

Source: "Art as Therapy"

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// You + Universe = Manifestation 🪐

5 Tips For Co-Creating With The Universe To Manifest Your 2024 Goals

With every new year, we find ourselves at the intersection of intention and manifestation, poised to make our desires a reality. Whatever the goal, the journey toward manifesting extends beyond the surface of starting new habits and taking action. Instead, it requires a mindful partnership with this life force that permeates all of creation, rooted in passion, faith, and awareness.

This article gives you five practical tips.

Read the article (3 min)

// Parting words:

Don't wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.
The major value in life is not what you get; the major value in life is what you become. Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. — Jim Rohn

With gratitude. ✌🏼

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to share some of your own insights, feel free to hit reply and let me know. I read and reply to every email.

As always, remember:

You are a Conscious Creator of your reality!
Keep creating your best self!


Anthony V. Lombardo

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Inspiration and wisdom to help you navigate your path and consciously create a life of meaning, purpose, and one that you absolutely love.

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