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published8 months ago
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last week’s newsletter, you might’ve noticed I included a blog post I wrote called Next-Level Gratitude: Two Ways To Supercharge Your Gratitude Practice.

After receiving some great feedback on social media and in the spirit of it being Thanksgiving week here in the US, I was inspired to create a Youtube video talking about these ideas.

Not only was this my Youtube debut but it was the first video I ever created of myself speaking on camera.

And for me, this was pretty mind-blowing.

You see for the longest time, the idea of being on camera speaking for the world to see would scare the daylights out of me.

The idea of putting myself out there in this manner was just something way too uncomfortable for me to do.

I believed I wasn’t the “type of person” who speaks on camera, makes Youtube videos, talks in front of a group of people, writes blog posts, etc.

As I look back, it was a battle between being the person I really wanted to be versus the person who worried about what other people think.

It’s the battle so many of us experience — the constant struggle between our highest self and our fearful self.

The tug of war between the person we want to be and our ego’s insistent protection against criticism, rejection, and failure.

This shows up in our life when we want to take that next step toward a vision or goal we have — like starting that business, changing careers, writing that book, or creating anything that represents a complete expression of who we are.

It’s when you want to follow your passion...

And go after that thing that really excites you that you deem as “unconventional” or “not normal” for who you believe you currently are.

Or when you want to fully let loose and express your true authentic self around everyone.

But then...BOOM, those nagging thoughts in your head keep you from actually doing it.

Thoughts like…

“What if it’s not good enough?”

“What will people say about me?"

“What if I come off like an idiot?"

“What will my friends and family think?”

“What if I don’t look good?”

We sure do worry a lot about what other people might think.

I’ve been there… scripting my life at times to fit in.

Keeping myself "agreeable” to others.

Trying to live up to some identity that I think others expect from me.

Believe me when I say I get it — I know how scary and uncomfortable it can be to step into the fullest expression of yourself...

And to truly stop caring what other people may think when you do.

Because typically, that requires letting go of old identities of who you think you are and who you think you should be that no longer fit.

And with that comes the fear of judgment, criticism, and even the fear of loss.

What if your friends don’t like this new you and tell you that you’ve changed?

What if your family doesn’t approve of you wanting to leave your comfy 9-5 and start your own business?

What will the random strangers on the internet say about the creative work you put out?

Will anyone possibly understand if you tell them you are going after your passion and what your soul is calling you to do?

Similar thoughts like these have gone through my head at some point or another.

But all they did was put me into a box of who I think I should be based on fear of what others may perceive of me if I stepped outside of it.

I felt people knew me as being a “certain way” and showing this “new side” of me would lead to judgment.

Yes, shifting, evolving and expressing more of who you really are can be very uncomfortable at times.

But when you continue to stuff yourself into that box you were never designed to fit into in the first place, you continue to keep living a life that is neither acceptable nor fully authentic to who you are.

When you hold yourself back from going after your passion and lower the volume on your fullest expression of who you are out of worry what others might think, you limit yourself and the possibilities for your life tenfold.

What if instead of defining yourself (and others) by the past, a single moment in time, a trait, or identity, you just… didn’t?

What if you set the intention to use every single day as an opportunity to step deeper into the fullest expression of who you are?

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you’re no longer confined by who you were yesterday, a year ago, or five years ago?

So my message to you is don’t let those nagging thoughts hold you back from doing whatever it is you want to do and fully stepping into the person you truly are and want to become.

If I can do it, so can you.

If I was able to move beyond my fear of speaking on camera and start creating Youtube videos, you can get past whatever is holding you back and start doing whatever has been calling you to do.

Because trust me, back then it was hard to imagine there were many people more scared of putting themselves out there than me.

If someone would’ve told me three years ago I would be writing an email like this let alone posting videos online of myself speaking, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Notice, the keyword right there is “believe” — and the bottom line is, you can change your beliefs!

And you can start changing them now!

So if you have been holding back, procrastinating, or telling yourself you can’t do something because “you aren’t that type of person” allow this email to be the sign you’ve been looking for to let go and just go for it!

If you take anything out of the story I shared, I hope it is to inspire you to step further into the fullest expression of yourself.

And most of all to stop caring what other people think!

How have you've been holding yourself back?

Feel free to hit reply and share your experiences and insights. I'd love to hear about them. I read and reply to every email.

Thanks for reading.

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Anthony V. Lombardo
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