The Gift of Your PRESENCE

published7 months ago
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Hey there creator,

These final two weeks of the year for many is a time to decompress and take a break.

And for those who celebrate, the holidays are filled with intentions of eating amazing food, gathering with loved ones (if you can) and of course exchanging presents.

But really, one of the most important gifts you can give another person won't cost you a thing.

Even in our age of endless distraction, aimlessly scrolling, and swiping right, we as human beings still long for the undivided attention from the people we are with.

Just think how you feel when someone you care about is 100% present with you.

That feeling of "being seen" is what turns these seemingly simple, unassuming moments into unforgettable memories and all it takes is your PRESENCE.

Giving and receiving presents is nice, but PRESENCE is the true gift!

Every time I get together with family and friends I try to remind myself to stay present and savor the moment by not letting my mind take me away from the here and now.

I encourage you to do the same when you are with loved ones no matter what you are doing.

Don't miss out on this precious, gift of the present moment.

Remember, presence only weighs ounces but regret weighs tons.

And most importantly the gift of your PRESENCE and the time spent together will mean more to your loved ones than any gift you purchase with money.

The Super-Power You Are Not Using Enough

I recently completed this amazing 2-month course with Denis Waitley author of The New Psychology of Winning and he presented the idea that our imagination creates our self-image.

Imagination is not only the driving force of how we see ourselves but it is one of our greatest powers as human beings.

We can consciously imagine to create the life we desire!

As you set goals and visions for 2021, do it by tapping into your imagination, because when you elevate your imagination, you in the process elevate what you are capable of.

I created a quick video about this in which I share a simple exercise you can do to give your imagination a jump-start.

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This assessment was created by author and entrepreneur Michael Hyatt which assesses your life in 10 different categories. It's a fun and easy way to get some clarity on which areas of your life areas need attention and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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No Words To Describe 2020
< 1 minute | Oxford English Dictionary

Did you know that every year the Oxford Dictionary names a word of the year? This selection is typically a word or phrase that has attracted a great deal of interest or been emblematic over the past 12 months.

2020 has been such a [insert descriptive punchline of your choice], that it has even left the dictionary to be without any words. This year is the first time ever the Oxford Dictionary didn't name a word of the year — describing 2020 as “a year which cannot be neatly accommodated in one single word.”

You can say that again.

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Achieve Your Goals By Elevating Your Consciousness

In last week's newsletter, I wrote about how your state of being is more important than any actions you take towards your goals in 2021. This week I created a short video on the topic specifically on how you can create your state of being by elevating your consciousness.

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