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I hope you're off to having an awesome weekend.

In this edition, I have the usual curated insights but I also wanted to share an important message about something we all struggle with at times as human beings—and that's worthiness.

I've heard author and therapist Marisa Peer say:

The biggest disease affecting humanity is the disease of "I am not enough."

If you were to dig deep into every struggle or unpleasant experience, you'll likely find there is a fundamental belief you are falling short in some way.

I've seen this in my own experience and with many friends and colleagues who are hesitant to start a new project or endeavor because they are worried about not being good enough.

Recently, I've been helping several writers and creators build their websites, and you'd be surprised how many of them worry about not having anything worthwhile to share with the world.

Mind you, these are some really talented and smart people who are doing incredible work.

The point is, we all struggle with "enoughness." When you experience it, know you are not alone.

Remember this message which I published online earlier this week:

You are statistically the most unlikely thing.

Your father made 300 million sperm cells and only one got through.
Do you know the significance of that?

That means out of the 8 billion people on this planet, you are ONE incredible human being with a specific blend of gifts and skills only YOU are uniquely qualified to share with the world.

No one quite sees and perceives reality quite like you. Or ever will.

That truth alone is just what someone else on this planet NEEDS right now.

You are worthy to shine that light.
You are worthy to impact the lives of others.
You can share your gifts and live the life you truly desire!


Because you are a conscious creator within the Universe. ⚡️

So, act accordingly!

Have a great weekend!

The Right Kind of Ambition
Zat Rana

There is a big but subtle difference between ambition driven by insecurity and ambition driven by the desire to self-actualize.

The former is born out of not feeling enough — its source is either self-hate, or self-disrespect, or a combination.

The latter, however, is simply an affirmation of life — an attempt to do the most that one can do with the body one has been given. It doesn’t compete with others but with itself. It doesn’t project its own hate and moralizing onto the world because it has already dealt with them internally.

Source: Medium

The Hero's Path
Joseph Campbell

We have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path.

And where we had thought to find an abomination,
We shall find a god;

Where we had thought to slay another,
We shall slay ourselves;

Where we had thought to travel outward,
We shall come to the center of our own existence;

Where we had thought to be alone,
We shall be with all the world.

Source: "Hero with a Thousand Faces"

50 Questions Of A Highly-Evolved Being
4 minutes

What if you could experience your life like this?

#6: What if I could peel away the beliefs and descriptions I’ve taken on about myself based on what my parents, friends, the media, religion, and even science have told me?

#14: What if I was completely unattached to the outcome of my goals and achievements? My income? My career? The success of this blog post?

Read the post ➔

On Weirdness and Finding An Elder
Michael Meade | (adapted for space)

"In old traditions, those who acted as elders were considered to be more in touch with the otherworld, but not out of touch with the struggles in this world. Elders have one foot firmly in the ground of survival and another in the realm of great imagination. "

"They acted as a bridge between the visible world and the unseen realms of spirit and soul…."

"This double-minded stance serves to help the living community and even helps the species survive."

"The old word for having a foot in each world is ‘weird.’ "

"Those seeking for an elder should look for someone weird enough to be wise. For just as there can be no general wisdom, there are no ‘normal’ elders. Normal bespeaks the ‘norms’ that society uses to regulate people, whereas an awakened destiny always involves connections to the weird and the warp of life."

“Those who would become truly wise must become weird enough to be in touch with timeless things and abnormal enough to follow the guidance of the unseen.

Source: “Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul”

And finally, a line from 14th-century Persian lyric poet, Hafiz:

“Listen: this world is the lunatic’s sphere, don’t always agree it’s real, even with my feet upon it and the postman knowing my door, my address is somewhere else.” ⚡️

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As Always, Keep Consciously Creating.


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